A. General Information About the Department :

Department of Mathematics, having received its new official name on March 2016, is the continuation of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science which was founded in 1998 as one of the very first programs of Çankaya University, that was established in 1997. Modern technological society has various fields that require specialists in mathematics and computer science. As a result, in the coming years, the number of employment opportunities will increase for those who know how to use mathematics for the real life problems. Employment forecasts predict promising careers for those who are capable and wellprepared in mathematics. Main mission of the department is to educate people through modern education on mathematics with some fundamental training on computer science and other related areas, and hence produce workforce with modern knowledge required in science and industry.


B. Education :


i. Curriculum

With this aim, in the bachelor’s program, there are 44 courses, 11 of them being elective. Through the scope of these courses, students have the opportunity to learn the methods in mathematics, applied and pure combined, so that they can have the ability to analyze and solve complicated problems with mathematical modelling approaches. In addition to social and free ones, the list of elective courses are designed to provide the students the opportunity to work on areas of their interest in mathematics. Moreover, they can take advanced mathematics courses, as well as concentrate on the fields of computer science, engineering, economics and finance by selecting related elective courses.


ii. Education Opportunities for Students


Minor-Major Programs:

Our students have the opportunity to complete double major and minor degree programs in various Engineering departments as well as in Economics, Management and others.


International Exchange Programs:

There are many universities that a bilateral agreement with Çankaya University was signed with in the Erasmus programme of Euopean Union. Through these agreements, students in our program have the opportunity to take courses for one semester in France, Spain, Portugal, Romania and other countries. Recently bilateral agreements in Mathematics are underway with some prestigious universities in U.S.A., through which student as well as facult exchange are expected.


Master Programs:

There are two graduate programs conducted by the faculty in the department, offering MS in Mathematics as well as in Information Technology. These programs attract many students from Turkey, along with an increasing demand from students of various Middle Eastern and North African origins.


iii. Academic Staff and Academic Achievements:

Active research is carried out in various areas of mathematics such as analysis, applied mathematics and others. Throughout the years, the department has hosted many prestigious national and international conferences, with several of their proceedings being published by respected international publishing companies. Based on 2015 report of URAP, Çankaya University has the first rank among the private universities in Turkey in mathematics, and ranked in the top 500 in the world. Additionally, one of our senior department members got into the list of first 1% of the world highly cited researchers of 2015 ranked by Thomson Reuters, which is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.


C. Job Opportunities and Alumni :

The areas that our graduates since 2001 are employed in include; academia, as software experts, programmers in state and private institutions, ministries, insurance sector, finance and banking sectors, stock exchange markets, TÜİK. Graduates with pedagogic formation certificate can be employed as teachers in mathematics. Those who continue to obtain a Ph.D can work as academic staff at universities. Additionally, both in Turkey and abroad, some of our graduates have completed their MS studies, working in companies with high reputation, conducting post-doctoral research on grants in respected universities, and participated in significant projects in the industry and sciences.